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Playacar: The ultimate place to stay whilst travelling to Playa del Carmen

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One of the best things Playa del Carmen has to offer for anyone visiting is a seemingly endless variety of places where to stay, from the upmost grand tourism hotels, bed and breakfast boutiques, pretty decent hostels and a wide diversity of Airbnbs waiting for your arrival. And each one of them will put their best effort to list out why you should stay there, so why shouldn’t we?

By now, we’ve numbered some of the benefits you’ll get from renting a vacation home with us, but what we would really like to tell you about is the experiences that await you in Playacar Fase 1. This is one of the most exclusive residential areas in Playa del Carmen, a sacred place away from noisy business, tourist crowds and tumultuous attractions, where you will be able to relax and enjoy all of our amenities.

Residences in Playacar Fase 1 merge ethically with the environment, we’re talking about areas exclusively thought for you to rekindle with the endemic nature of the Caribbean and forge a special connection. We also benefit from having our own ancient mayan ruins inside of the county, which means that every day stroll around the block can become an adventure for you.

The neighbourhood has become one of the most secure areas for families and for people looking for tranquility thanks to its security booths in each entrance, which guarantees a full control of who has access to the residences. Also, all properties and developments inside of Playacar Fase 1 are regulated, this is in order to avoid overpopulation, that would result in the loss of tranquility, and noise. 

Same happens with business. As we stated above, Playacar Fase 1 has a strong policy about companies dealing with people peace of mind; this is truly a space thought for relaxation and fulfilment. But that doesn’t mean we have left all the fun out, Playacar is close to different entertainment options for anyone looking to have a good time. There’s a golf course close for that dreamt escapade with the colleagues; countless restaurants and other gastronomic options around the area (remember we can help you make any reservations anytime you like); a shopping mall which gathers some of the best fashion, jewelry and sports brands, and best of all: you have the ferry terminal to Cozumel island just a couple of walking minutes away.

On top of all, let’s not forget that most of our condos and villas are located beachfront, and some of them are only one or two blocks away from it. And, if you decide to rent with us, you’ll have access to our premium concierge service which will provide you with all the elements needed to take your lifestyle to the next level. And we mean everything: home delivery, grocery shopping, cleaning services, chef on demand, spa services, travel or dinner reservations, car rentals, tours information, attractions tickets, private tours, flower arrangements, special occasions logistic, you name it. Our main goal is to make sure that your only responsibility is to enjoy all the marvelousness of Playacar Fase 1.